Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Decor

The candle is my big splurge. Buying name brand candles isn't cheap, although this is the candle of the month that was on sale -yea!, but I've discovered that this is definitely one area where it pays to spend a little more. I've bought cheaper candles and some are okay, but if you want true room permeating smell Salt City is the way to go. I had this candle burning all afternoon and my whole house smelled so good. This is a new scent called "Spa Tropic" and it is so springy and fresh, I think this will be the first candle I will burn to the bottom, and probably in record time, it's so yummy I just want to burn it all the time.

I went to Roberts Craft today to find a craft to make for Easter, but they didn't have anything, so I bought the pre-made blocks. I love the spring colors. I wish the lettering was a little darker, it's hard to read, but still they are fun. I love gerber daisies and thought they would be another nice touch of spring. I usually only decorate for halloween and Christmas, but I would like to branch out and be more seasonal. I've always enjoyed decor for other holidays and a change of scenery in my home, it's more of an issue of money and storage.

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Alison said...

Okay I wrote down the name of this candle so I can go one! Cute Easter decorations! Love the flowers too. Fun!