Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kid Update

This afternoon Charlie and I had a nice afternoon together while Becca and Tom went on a car ride with Jeremy. I asked Charlie if he knew why I loved him so much and he said, "Ya, because I'm cute." I said, you sure are, and you are such a good helper and a wonderful big brother. He had the biggest grin on his face.

Tom and Charlie had a sleepover in Pine Valley with grandma and grandpa Taysom this weekend. They had a great time and I find that I always enjoy my kids a little more after a short period of separation, especially one where they had a good fun time and are in a good mood when they come back home.

Becca is such a cutie. She is so sweet and loving. Becca is 16 months old now. She has learned how to fold her arms for prayer - it is so precious to watch such a small child fold her arms and she cocks her head to the side. She is also quite the little helper. She loves to help pick things up and put them away. The other day I was doing dishes and she wandered over and picked up the silverware and was trying to reach the drawer to put them away. The front of the drawer is missing, so she was able to stand on her tip toes and and shove them into the drawer. How cute is that. Then she started taking the plates out one by one and handing them to me. Obviously she has been watching when I have the boys help.

Tom can be a sweet child, but it seems that lately he is more into being obstinate. The other day he was being so stubborn and I asked him if he knew what stubborn was. He shook his head yes, but wouldn't say any words as to indicate he truly did understand. I threw out a few adjectives and he still nodded. He is getting a little better at not being quite so stubborn, but for the most part if Tom doesn't want to do something that I want him to do it is no use fighting or trying to force it because Tom does not back down and won't do it until he is good and ready. I have learned to back off real quick and not force things and usually he will comply faster. It's particularly frustrating when I'm in a hurry and need him to get his socks on or get dressed or whatever - if I push him too much all is lost - he has trained me real good, I just wish I could figure out how to train him.


Heather said...

I hear ya on the stubborn kid thing. Abe is so stubborn. And he's like Tom in that if I push, it only gets worse. He wants to do things on his own timetable - which always is on sloooooow mode. I'm hoping he can work through his stubborn nature and I can figure out how to better deal with it. Usually he's more stubborn when hungry or tired so I guess I'll have to take care of those needs. Becca sounds so sweet. And spending one-on-one time with kids is such a good thing. Nice update!

Alison said...

It seems like all my kids are stubborn at one time or another and it is so frustrating! The harder I push Lexi the more she fights me too. It's a great patience-learning lesson although hard! :) Good luck with that! And your kids are darling. It is so great to have alone time with each one, something I need to do more of! You're a great mom.

Marne said...

Oh the stubborness! It IS hard to deal with and figure out what to do...every kid is so different. I love reading your blog Jenni. You are such a good mom to your kids!