Monday, March 31, 2008

Resourceful Children

For the past week or two the boys have been bugging me about getting out their swimming pool and blowing it up so they can play in the water. I keep telling them that it really isn't warm enough yet. Saturday I don't even know if they bothered to ask, as the took it upon them selves to drag the pool out from it's storage spot in the garage, drag it outside, find the tool to blow air into the pool and then got my keys to the car so they could plug the air blower into the power source. I had to come help them at that point, because the cord to the blower is short and I needed to back the car out of the garage so the pool could sit by the car in order to blow it up. I then let them finish what they had started on their own.

Becca in the car while the boys blow up their swimming pool.

My children are very independent and when they are doing a good job of something on their own I don't like to interfere. On the other hand, when they are being too resourceful (ie. doing something potentially dangerous, or too messy) I do interfere and don't allow them to do it on their own. I had to help them with the end part of getting the bottom layer of the pool blown up, but over all they did a great job. Charlie even got the hose out of the garage, hooked it up to the spigot and then filled the pool up.
Tom was hiding under the pool while Charlie was blowing it up.
After they got it filled with water and had been in it just a minute or two Charlie came in the house and asked if he could put the pool in the garage. When I asked him why he said because it was too cold outside. - Ahh! so mother was right - it really isn't warm enough yet. I explained that out in the sunshine would be warmer than in the garage in the shade so they made do for a while longer and toughed it out.

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The Dawlings said...

love it! What darling kids and so intelligent. Becca is a doll!