Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Handsome Boys

My handsome little men. I rarely comb Charlie's hair (because he won't let me), but it looks so good when I do. Tom's hair is usually poofy no matter what I do.
Tom's little face is so sweet.
I had to take a ton a pictures before I got one of Charlie with a nice smile, he kept wanting to do goofy faces, but I wanted a handsome picture of him - it's been awhile since I've taken a good picture of him.

The older Tom and Charlie get the better friends they become. They didn't use to play together too much, but they are becoming inseperable - where one goes there goes the other. It's fun to listen to them interact with each other. Charlie definitely plays the big brother role and likes to show Tom how to do things, and how to do things the right way if he doesn't like the way Tom is doing something. The past two days they have been wearing matching outfits. They only have one outfit that matches, so it's been the same outfit for two days. Actually most of yesterday Tom was wearing a different shirt and was upset because he couldn't find "his like Char".

Tom is at the "let's explore everything" stage and is constantly getting into things that he should not. Sometimes Charlie will alert me to the situation, but sometimes he doesn't and I sure wish he would. Yesterday Tom decided that his plastic car needed some gas. Pretending wasn't good enough and he found the gas can in the garage and proceeded to pour some in. He did this while in the garage and then proceeded out to the driveway where he added some more. I knew the kids were outside playing, but when I had checked on them a few minutes before everything was okey-dokey. Then Charlie came in to get something and he smelled funny. I recognized the smell as gas and asked why he smelled like gas. Thankfully he fessed up right away and said that "Tom did it". I went outside to investigate and found puddles of gas. I was taking in all in stride until I saw Becca over by one of the puddles. I quickly grabbed her and herded the kids in the house. I threw away Tom and Becca's clothes because I don't think the gas smell will ever fully wash out. Children are too quick to get in trouble.

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Alison said...

They are definitely handsome boys! Don't you love digital so you CAN take a million photos to get a good one?!

I love the gas in the plastic car story. That's funny! Kids find the darndest things to get into and make messes!