Thursday, March 27, 2008

Resaons to be Happy today

I'm happy today for the sunshine - that is definitely one reason I love living in St. George - so many sunny days.

I'm happy that I feel good today - yesterday I felt very blah and just not myself, it's nice to be back to myself today.

I'm happy for a wonderful husband. He took it upon himself to tend to our neglected kitchen. I hadn't done dishes for a few days. He asked me if I made stew in the crockpot tonight just because it was the only clean dish left. Hah, hah. Anyway, now my kitchen is sparkling clean thanks to my husband.

I'm happy today that I made a menu (something I haven't done for weeks) and I went shopping and then came home and cut up all the vegetables for the veggie tray, so the kids can snack on that and not look for sugary things to eat. As long as there is "carrot sauce" (ranch) the kids love eating veggies.

I'm happy today that I took the kids to the dinosaur museum. We pass by it quite often and they are always asking to go, but I make excuses. Tom cornered me today and I promised that I would take him after Charlie got home from preschool, he wasn't very happy about that, he wanted to go "now". Charlie took his notebook so he could "take notes", during the intro video he was busy drawing pictures, I guess that was his notes. After buzzing through the museum I tried to herd my kids quickly past the gift shop, but they had to stop and look and touch everything, despite my warnings not to touch anything. They wanted everything - I told them they would have to save their own money and come back a different time to buy. Charlie asked how much a particular item was - $18 - his face fell, he knew that was a lot of money for him. Then he cheered up and started thinking of different chores he could do to earn money. Later he asked me if he earned money for picking up his room earlier that day, he wasn't happy when the answer was no - we only earn money for extra chores, not for things that need to get done daily.

I'm happy today for kids who love to learn. Charlie is really into writing his letters and trying to figure out how to spell words. In the past he has written a bunch of letters in a row"sfltsid" and then asks me what that spells. Now he asks me how to spell specific words. I help him sound it out and he usually figures it out on his own. He loves to make lists of words that he knows, "bat, cat, charlie, tom, mom, dad". Today he wrote each of the letters in the alphabet in order and then asked me, how do you spell, "now I know my ABC's, next time won't you sing with me". Kids are so cute.


Heather said...

Great post. I love making lists like these to remind myself of the good things in my life. Going out on adventures with the kids does take a lot of energy and patience. Way to get out and do it.

Marne said...

What a great day Jenni! It makes such a difference as a mom to have those days, doesn't it? Even the little things.

Heather said...

I thought I had your email but I can't find it. Wanna email me at so I can have it. I'll try that with the yeast to see if it's active. I found a place that has dough enhancer and saf yeast. I use a big kitchenaid that does great kneading the dough. I really don't think I'd have enough energy or strength to knead by hand. thanks for your help.

Alison said...

Great list Jenni. YOu are wonderful!