Thursday, March 20, 2008

Love my balloon

Charlie bought this balloon yesterday. He chose it and took it to the cashier and paid for it. Before we went into the store Charlie showed me a handful of change and said he was going to buy something. I didn't think he would have enough to buy anything. After he bought the balloon he said, "See mom, I told you I had enough".
One balloon and three kids is not a good ratio. The boys had fun with it for awhile, but Becca won out in the end and once she got a hold of it she would not let go, almost quite literally. I went to the Temple last night and my sister Debbie put the kids to bed. When I got home and peeked in on Becca, she was asleep, but she still had the ribbon of the balloon tightly in her hand, she was not going to chance having it taken away.

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Alison said...

Cute Jenni! She is a little doll. I love it when kids fall asleep with something they loved clutched tightly in their hands. Too cute!