Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kids and hair

I don't know if I'm not a very good girl mom or what, but I never do Becca's hair, not even for church. I've tried bows once or twice, but she hates them and pulls them right out. I've thought maybe I should try little pig tails or something, but I don't have any small elastic bands. I'm not for pain for beauty and when I think about doing her hair I envision her turning and twisting and crying and it doesn't even make me want to try. I've never given her a haircut yet and it's amazing how cute her hair is when I just comb it. I did try putting soft sponge curlers in it once, but it just gave her pouffy hair, not curly hair.

Charlie has really thick hair and this picture shows what his hair typically looks like, because I only do it when we go someplace. I tried to cut his hair shorter last haircut, but it is impossible to get him to cooperate for more that 1.4 minutes - no exaggeration. He hates hair cuts so much, the hair itches him and drives him nuts. I have become a fast hair cutter, but still not fast enough for him. After last hair cut he informed me that he is going to grow his hair long. He said that even though he will have long hair he will still be a boy - that having long hair wouldn't make him a girl.

Tom took a pair of scissors to his hair the other night. Jeremy said he was right behind Tom following him into the bathroom to brush teeth, but when he walked in the room Tom was holding scissors with a patch of hair missing. They (kids) always cut front and center. I can't remember for sure, but I think Charlie did the same to his hair a year or two ago. I'm sure it's a rite of passage for children - on their list of things to do while yet a child: #13 - give self haircut, in efforts to help mom out. I haven't decided yet if I should give him a haircut to try to "hide" his haircut, or just leave it. I think if I cut all his hair short it will look worse than it looks right now. Tom has a big head and doesn't look very good with his hair really short.


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I just left a comment on your other post and when I finished you already had a new post! After having three girls, I hear on the hair. Have you tried hats? I know when I'm in a hurry and can't do hair, I go for hats! I'm sure she's cute whatever her hair looks like!