Saturday, January 26, 2008


The other night I had put Tom and Charlie in bed and was in the next room with Becca getting her settled into bed. I could hear Tom and Charlie talking to each other, but couldn't understand what they were saying. After a minute of them talking I then heard them start singing "I am a Child of God". I thought - how cute is that. Then I heard Tom start praying - my heart was touched that my boys were doing such precious things all by themselves - they didn't know I could overhear them. Then I found out why they were doing this because at that point Tom came into Becca's room and said "Mom, we sang and we prayed, but we are still scared, will you come in with us?" so cute, they tried to solve their problem first and then they came to me for help.
Moments like that are what parents live for - it touched my heart and made me feel like I was doing something right as a parent. Some days I wonder because I'm just so happy to get them in bed and have the day finally be over (days are very long with little ones). Other days we have really good days, but they seem all too rare. Most days are okay days, but I really want to make more days fall into the category of great days.

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Jennybug said...

Oh my goodness, I love that story! You have to submit that to the Friend for the section "Trying to be like Jesus". That is too good not to share. You were the answer to their prayers! Isn't that a wonderful feeling? I love you!