Thursday, January 31, 2008

My little monkey

Who would have thought that my sweet little girl would be more of a monkey than my boys. When my boys were little I used to have to tip the kitchen chairs over so they laid on their sides so the boys couldn't crawl up on the kitchen table, or drag the chairs to the kitchen to climb on the counters.
Well Becca has one-uppped them. Today I could hear Becca playing around in the back rooms somewhere and as long as I can hear her I don't worry too much about her. She usually wanders around and just keeps herself busy. Well, then I heard water running and immediately knew that she was in the bathroom. When I got there I saw Becca sitting up on the counter, feet in the sink, water running. Becca is only 14 months old. How she has already figured out how to climb things already is amazing to me. Since I haven't seen how she does it I can only guess that she must climb up on the toilet and then use the toilet paper holder as a foothold to get up on the counter.
She is such a determined little girl. Earlier today the boys were painting at the table and apparently Becca didn't want to get left out. She would climb up on the chair and then up on the table. I would get her down, tell her no, try to get her involved in something else, only to have to get her down within less than a minute later. She did this three times in a row - determined to get up in the middle of the action. She is so quick.

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Marne said...

My daughter is the same way. I think that is bound to happen when a girl follows 2 boys....but it sure is funny (and aggrevating) to watch!

I love your post on ways to honor Pres Hinckley. Thanks!