Monday, January 28, 2008

President Hinckley

Although he wasn't prophet until I was in college, President Hinckley I really feel connected to. I read his biography when it came out years ago - but I need to read it again. His life is one of such faith and devotion. He has worked tirelessly for the church basically his whole life - he gave his all for the church. He had a great vision for the growth of the church, and particularly with the great Temple expansion showed the reality of praying and then going to work to get things done. I think one of the main things I will remember about him is his great optimism. I'm sure there is a great weight to be felt being the prophet, but he never showed discouragement or despair, he was always full of positive words and encouragement and a "can do" attitude. I need to adopt a better "can do" attitude in my life - I get discouraged too easily - I need to remember to just move forward with faith and leave things in the Lord's hands.
The news last night showed footage of President Hinckley's travels around the world and showed saints from around the world. It made vivid how we truly are a worldwide church and I pondered on how truly wonderful that is. - The church is rolling forth to all corners of the world. I can see why President Hinckley says that it is an exciting time to be alive - to see the works of the Lord being fulfilled.

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