Monday, January 21, 2008

St. George Temple

This is a picture of the St. George Temple I took a few years ago when it was snowing. It doesn't snow often in St. George, maybe once every other year or so. I took the picture the morning the snow started, because it is such a rare thing, and then it proceeded to snow for two more days, unheard of in St. George. I have a 16x20 of it hanging above my fireplace. I have gotten many compliments on it and today a friend got a copy of it to get a print of to give to her husband for their anniversary. It's a favorite of mine, so I can understand that others like it too. All temples are beautiful, but I have a particular connection to this one because it is where I was married - almost 8 years ago, in April.

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Karri said...

That is sooo pretty! I didn't think it snowed in St. George!